Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani

Theoretical Background:

As with the work done in previous semesters, the ambition of the studio is to formulate the framework and the methodologies through which innovative architectural projects can be delivered. Studio X so far, examined unified and continuous compositions as a starting point, and then going on to explore diversified compositions that propose radical new thinking.  Previous projects included the design of the Olympic Stadium form London 2012 the Olympic Park Masterplan and Waterworlds, were we looked at the way in which we could engage with the ocean as a means of exploring emergent conditions and establishing ever-shifting, ever-changing tectonic conditions.
We are still looking to discover a world beyond perfection, beyond the suffocation of prediction, patterned growth; we seek those instances where unity becomes discontinuous and the separateness becomes continuous between objects floating in the ocean and the interaction between the body of water and the designs themselves.